• Premier League
  •   Team Played Pts
    1. Chelsea 38 93
    2. Tottenham Hotspur 38 86
    3. Manchester City 38 78
    4. Liverpool 38 76

    5. Arsenal 38 75

    6. Manchester United 38 69
    7. Everton 38 61
    8. Southampton 38 46
    9. Bournemouth 38 46
    10. West Brom 38 45
    11. West Ham United 38 45
    12. Leicester 38 44
    13. Stoke City 38 44
    14. Crystal Palace 38 41
    15. Swansea City 38 41
    16. Burnley 38 40
    17. Watford 38 40

    18. Hull City 38 34
    19. Middlesborough 38 28
    20. Sunderland 38 24
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    Prize Money

    First Place £500
    Second Place £250
    Third Place £100
    Fourth Place £50

    Winning Team


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